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Auction Rules and Guidelines ( Español)

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Submission of material for sale or submission of purchase bids to the CPSA for any of its auctions implies an agreement on the part of the sellers and buyers to abide by all auction rules and guidelines stated herein.

1. Condition. Every attempt will be made to clearly describe all items offered for sale. The following guidelines will be followed when specifying the condition of stamps: poor--a stamp that is defective in one or more ways (e.g., thinned, torn, missing perforations, stained); fine--a stamp that is poorly centered, carries an undesirable cancellation, or has minor defects such as short perforations or is heavily hinged; fine-very fine--a stamp that is reasonably centered and cancelled, is lightly hinged if unused, and has no defects; very fine--a stamp that is well centered, has an appealing cancellation, looks fresh, has no hinge remnants if unused, and has no defects; superb--these are the gems of philately: superb centering, superb cancellation if used, mint if unused, fresh looking, and with no defects. Back to Top

2. Gum. After consultation with other members, we have decided to change the meaning of the word "mint" in our auction descriptions to simply mean "unused". All of the stamp descriptions will hereafter clearly specify the condition of the stamp's gum whenever it is described to be mint or unused. The following abbreviations will be used to specify the condition of the gum on mint stamps: mnh = mint never hinged; mlh = mint lightly hinged; mog = mint original gum;  mhh = mint heavily hinged; mgd = mint gum disturbed; mng = mint no gum. "Lightly hinged" will be used to designate stamps that were once hinged but whose hinge has been removed completely leaving no hinge remnants attached to the stamp and leaving the stamp's gum minimally disturbed. "Heavily hinged" will be used to designate those stamps that have big portions of unremovable hinges or multiple hinges attached to their backs. 

Please note that unused stamps without gum will usually be priced as used when citing their catalog value with the prices followed by a plus (+) sign--this policy is due to the fact that usually catalog prices for unused stamps are for stamps with original gum. However, when quoting the price of some 19th Century stamps without gum that are extremely rare in unused condition, the catalog price for the unused stamp followed by a negative sign (-) may be used as reflecting a better estimate of the stamp's value. In the latter case, the fact that the stamp lacks the gum will be clearly noted.  Back to Top

3. Pricing: All catalog numbers and pricing are from the Cuba section of the latest edition of the Scott's Catalog unless otherwise indicated. Edifil catalog numbers and pricing are from the 2002 Catálogo Especializado de Sellos de Cuba and will be shown as U.S. dollars or Eurosl. A seller must indicate a "minimum price" for any lot submitted for sale and these will be listed in a column separate from the one for catalog prices; these minimum prices will be the starting price for bidding on all lots. Minimum   prices must conform with the guidelines for acceptable bids specified in the "Bidding Increments" paragraph below. Please avoid sending lots with a minimum price lower than $10 to be included in an auction; instead, combine several items of lower price together into a single lot selling for  $10 or more. Estimated prices will not be posted for any lot, since they are totally subjective and can lend themselves to misleading the buyers.  Back to Top

4. Abbreviations: Following are some standard abbreviations used in the descriptions of the auction lots:

3x8 or (3x8)--3 rows by 8 cols. b4--block of 4
2x3 b6--horizontal block of 6 3x2 b6--vertical block of 6
c--cent(s), centavo(s), or céntimo(s) cds--circular date stamp
cb4--(sheet) center block of 4 cgb4--(sheet) center gutter blk of 4
cm--centimeter(s) cto--cancelled-to-order
dcds--duplex cds ds--date stamp
def--defective Ed--Cat. Edifil Especializado 1997
f-vf --fine to very fine FDC--first day cover
FFC--first flight cover H&G--Higgins & Gage Catalog
hb6--horizontal block of 6 (2x3) hgb4--horizontal gutter block of 4
hgp--horizontal gutter pair hp--horizontal pair
imp--imperforate J-R--Jones-Roy Catalog
mhh--mint heavily hinged mlh--mint lightly hinged
mm--milimeter(s) mmh--mint medially hinged
mng--mint no gum mnh--mint never hinged
p--peso; ptas--pesetas reinf--reinforced perforations
rpf--real de plata fuerte Sc--Scott Catalog
var--variety vb6--vertical block of 6 (3x2)
vf--very fine vgb4--vertical gutter block of 4
vgp--vertical gutter pair vp--vertical pair
w/--with w/o--without

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Bid Range


Bid Range



$10 to $19


$300 to $749


$20 to $49


$750 to $1499


$50 to $149


$1500 to $3000


$150 to $299


Over $3000


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Auction Manager: 

Jack E. Thompson

1005 McCauley Road
Danville, CA 94526, U.S.A.
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