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From almost its inception in 1971, the CPSA has conducted at least two and sometimes three mail auctions a year. Current    plans are to try to hold three auctions every year. The 10% commissions charged to sellers and buyers are a significant source of income which the society uses to hold down its membership fees and to cover the costs of printing and mailing the auction bulletin, El Boletín, and its journal, The Cuban Philatelist. These funds are occasionally also used to finance the publication of special studies dealing with Cuban philately and postal history outside of our regular publications and to finance other society activities intended to promote Cuban philately.

The auctions provide a means for some members to dispose of excess material and for some others to purchase items that they are lacking at a reasonable price and with the assurance that the genuineness of those items is guaranteed by the society. If you are not a member and wish to participate as a buyer in our auctions you have two options: 1) Option No. 1 and the preferred one for all concerned is to become a member of the society at the modest yearly membership of $30 in the U.S. and $50 abroad; 2) Option No. 2 is to pay a 15% buyer’s commission instead of the 10% charged to members and to prepay for the lots bought plus postage and handling. If you are not a CPSA member, you cannot sell through our auctions.

Our auctions started being a small section in our bulletin, El Boletín, but have now evolved such that they are their main focus. Membership in our society includes a subscription to both our bulletin and our journal--quite a bargain considering you get two to three issues of each publication per year. Starting with the development of this Internet site, all of our future auctions will be posted here at the time that the corresponding bulletin carrying the hardcopy version is mailed.  Unsold material may still be available and people are encouraged to submit offers for them at or above the minimum prices indicated by the owners. The auction manager will accept offers below the specified minimum prices for referral to the owners for their consideration, but there will be no obligation to sell any lot below its minimum.

Our auction rules and guidelines are included in a linked page. Please review them carefully before submitting any bids to avoid any misunderstandings.  Upon submission of a bid, we will assume that the bidder has read our auction rules and guidelines and has agreed to be bound by them. If you have any questions please contact the auction manager. If you have any suggestions for the improvement of our auction rules or of this site, please also contact the auction manager.



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Auction Manager: 

Jack E. Thompson

3119 Stonegate Drive
Alamo, CA 94507, U.S.A.
Tel: 925-944-9471 Fax: 925-946-0122


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